Pakistan Set to Introduce Shortened Hajj Package in 2024 for Pilgrims

In an effort to improve the pilgrimage experience, the federal government has introduced a revamped 20-25-day Hajj package that includes additional allowances.

This program ensures that all pilgrims have a more pleasant journey, highlighting the government’s commitment to better meeting the needs of those completing this hallowed trek.

According to government sources, the Federal Cabinet is set to approve the anticipated Hajj Policy 2024 in early November.

This news coincides with a number of progressive reforms that are intended to improve the pilgrims’ experience. The sponsored Hajj program will remain in place for Pakistanis residing overseas, demonstrating the government’s dedication to helping its nationals who are residing outside make the journey.

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According to sources, pilgrims who choose to pay for their Hajj expenses in dollars will not be subject to the lottery system, which will lessen the financial strain on.

The ability to select a Medina residence for a duration of 4–8 days is another appreciated inclusion. Further information from sources suggested that each pilgrim would receive a bag emblazoned with the Pakistani flag, a QR code, and relevant information to improve luggage security and remove any confusion.

The ministry will release a mobile app for online Hajj application registration in order to streamline the application procedure.

The 40-day period of the economy package, which was created to accommodate a wider range of pilgrims, will remain the same. More than 90,000 pilgrims are expected to be accommodated under the official Hajj system, according to sources.

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