E-Driving License Facility Launched, Revolutionizing Licensing Process

Punjab traffic police started a new initiative to carry out the security process of Road Traffic in Pakistan uniformly. It is also aimed to facilitate the citizens of Punjab.

According to the inspector general of Punjab police, Usman Anwar citizens of Punjab can avail of their E-driving license by applying at the website of the driving license information management system.

IG Police said that multiple million driving licenses have been given during this year and the facilities of driving licenses expanded from 45 to 200 across Punjab.

The Federal Investigation Authority uncovered more than 27,000 illegal driving licenses by a gang in three years.

The resources expressed that the organization of suspects who were captured had given more than 27,000 illegal driving licenses in three years.

The report stated that the fee for one illegal license was 4000 to 10,000 and the suspect confirmed the illegal licenses through an illegal site.

In any case, the FIA couldn’t terminate the sites. Moreover, the group used to get the money through an online application and they had a printing machine for the illegal driving licenses.

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