Apple Launches New Apps and Device Support for Windows Users

Apple has launched three new apps i.e., Apple TV, Apple Music, and the company’s devices, for a better experience for iPhone users after a long time. The major aim of this step is to reduce the dependence of iPhone users on iTunes and to offer them a more convenient way of accessing entertainment content and management features of the device.

These apps are tested by the collaboration between Apple and Microsoft which will improve the experience of cross-platform users and are available to download now.

The people who love to watch TV and movies; and to listen music can now take advantage of it because the Apple TV app is giving access to content where they easily explore subscription services, can watch different shows, and can listen to the songs using their iTunes library. 

Managing iPhones and iPads from a Windows PC is made easier by the Apple Devices app, which also enables content synchronization, backup and restore operations.

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Apple modified the iCloud for Windows app to make it more Windows system compatible in addition to these new apps. It also guarantees a better and smoother experience for the users of Apple Windows.

This collaboration has been adopted by Microsoft as it integrates iCloud Photos into the Windows 11’s Photos app. These applications are not yet available for ARM64-based devices, although they are for Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs.

This initiative is significant and proves easier for the users. Previously, window users had to rely on iTunes but now they have another simple option. They can now enjoy services more conveniently.

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