E-Safety Bill 2023 for Social Media Content Monitoring and Regulation.

The use of social media has grown tremendously in the last few years. Social media is also being used in many positive ways like Freedom of speech and everyone can express their thoughts on social media which can spread their message to a lot of people.

Some people also abuse social media by spreading fake news, spreading rumors, bashing someone, slandering, and accusing someone.

The rise of artificial intelligence and deep fake apps, along with the use of social media, has led to the rise of many crimes by people who know how to misuse these things.

The government has introduced the e-Safety Bill 2023 to control and regulate social media content.

This bill was presented by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication which was approved by the Federal Cabinet on July 26, 2023, and now the bill will be passed by the Parliament by August 7, 2023.

Before submitting this bill to the parliament, the concerned ministry had uploaded the bill on its official website so that people’s opinions could also be taken on its enactment. The purpose of introducing this bill was to regulate the use of social media

Under this bill, if any person violates the laws made by it, he will be punished and fined according to the law. After the implementation of this Act, the Government will create an e-Safety Authority which will help to fulfill the objectives of this Act.

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