Easypaisa Teams Up with Dukan to Streamline E-Commerce and Digital Payments

Easypaisa is one of the leading platforms of digital financial services. On the other hand, Dukan is among the leading e-commerce infrastructure solutions.

Now they have announced their partnership with each other. The main objective of this collaboration is to provide consumers with an efficient experience of digital payments.

Easypaisa is providing the financial services landscape of Pakistan to facilitate users with convenient and easy access to digital financial services.

While in Dukan, the digital banking software and e-commerce infrastructure are developed. This facilitates the connections between the retailers, distributors, and manufacturers by providing them with financial services.

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The mini-apps platform of Easypaisa allows us to explore various categories including placing orders and paying out the bills through Easypaisa app. These things can be done just within a few taps and without leaving the app.

In collaboration, Dukan will take part as an aggregator which helps to integrate partners into Easypaisa MiniApp for different categories like food and lifestyle. Through this users can easily place orders and make payments.

The basic aim of this is to smoothen the ordering process and provide the users with hustle hassle-free experience. In the starting phase, Easypaisa renowned the restaurants present in Lahore like Smash Burgers, Zenith Store, and Ammi ki Nihari onto the MiniApps platform.

In front of senior personnel from both organizations at Paisa’s Islamabad office, Farhan Hassan, Head of Easypaisa Wallet Business, and Monis Rahman, Co-Founder of Dukan, signed the collaboration agreement.

“At Easypaisa, we are committed to continually enhancing our platform and introducing new services to meet the evolving needs of our users,” Farhan Hassan stated in response to the agreement. We are excited to work with Dukan to improve the Easypaisa platform’s user experience.

Our goal with integrating lifestyle apps through Easypaisa is to give our clients more accessibility and convenience. This collaboration is a big step closer to reaching that objective.

Easypaisa is a leading provider of digital financial services in Pakistan, with over 40 million registered mobile accounts and growing. Its mission is to promote financial inclusion through technological innovation.

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