Microsoft Boosts Copilot for Windows: Bigger Chat Window, Fresh Features

It is noted that Microsoft has made updates to Copilot for Windows which is based on the feedback of users. Microsoft’s Corporate Vice-President for Windows, Shilpa Ranganathan, highlighted a change in the Copilot chat window which was shared on her X account.

In response to a frequent user request, the default chat space will now launch larger. Ranganathan stressed that the users can now resize the chat window according to their choice and preferences.

If they want to switch back to the thinner side-by-side window then they can also do that. She hinted that there is also a possibility of occupying the entire screen with a Copilot window.

Additionally, users can also use two windows at a time with a larger default chat window. They will find a dedicated button that can make the copilot appear side by side with another window that you want to open.

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A user suggested for full-screen support, and in answer to that Ranganathan said that this idea is also under consideration. Full-screen support should be possible because Copilot functions as a web-view implementation and coexists with the Edge browser.

To utilize these new features, users should ensure they have installed the most recent version of Microsoft Edge. Microsoft’s dedication to improving user experience and responsiveness to feedback is reflected in these upgrades. 

Ranganathan suggests that Copilot for Windows is still being developed and that there will be more updates in the future. As Microsoft continues to develop the Copilot experience, users can expect further features and upgrades.

These updates also showed that Microsoft gives importance to their users’ feedback and suggestions. Due to this, they are working on the ideas and suggestions of users, and are planning to launch many new features to enhance the specifications.

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