Google Bard Launches Free AI Image Generation Feature

Google introducing new features like generative AI to its Maps platform. Google AI Chatbot Bard has its competition with Chatgpt in the field of Artificial Intelligence. 

One notable addition is that Bard may now use Gemini Pro, Google’s recently revealed multimodal AI model, in all languages and countries where Bard is presently available.

Now with this development, Bard becomes more efficient in its working mechanism and it becomes easy to use.

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Previously, the integration of Gemini Pro was confined to the English language for Bard, providing improved capabilities in areas including comprehension, reasoning, summarization, and code.

So the Bard can be used in different fields to get help from AI. So it becomes more workable AI Chatbot compared to its previous features.

Bard has also gained the ability to produce visuals. This service is now available in English and accessible in “most countries around the world,” and it is free for users. 

The picture production capacity is driven by Google’s newest Imagen 2 model, which was particularly developed to strike a compromise between quality and speed while producing high-quality, photorealistic results.

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