Saudia Introduces ProtecTasbih: World’s First Sanitizing Prayer Beads for Global Pilgrims

An innovative step has been taken by the government of Saudia Arabia for protecting and assuring the health of its guests and pilgrims. A ProtecTasbih (sanitizing prayer beads) has been unveiled by Saudi Arabia to enhance the spiritual journey of pilgrims. 

This ProtecTasbih is launched during the specific Umrah season and for the holy month of Ramzan. This is the period when there is highest number of people visit Saudia to perform Umrah.

This modern Tasbih is developed by collaborating with creative agency partners. It is a pioneering product that performs its two main objectives. 

The first main purpose is spiritual practice and the second is to sanitize hands. This reflects the blend of culture and health consciousness with the traditional use of prayer beads.

A specialized molding technique is used for crafting these prayer beads. Tea tree oil is used that possesses antibacterial properties. 

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The oil is integrated into a semi-solid compound which forms solid beads and whenever someone uses these beads it sanitizes their hands automatically.

Saudi Airlines’ Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Essam Akhonbay, underscores the airline’s devotion to the safety of its passengers, saying: “At Saudia, our commitment to the well-being of all our guests is important.” 

We are proud to have introduced a special product that improves the pilgrimage experience and enables our visitors to devote themselves entirely to their spiritual journey.

All the pilgrims and other Saudi guests can get this ProtecTasbih from the board which ensures the health of pilgrims and provides a sanitary environment. By using this Tasbih, they can save themselves from various diseases and maintain hygiene. 

It proves beneficial for the pilgrims because in a huge gathering, it becomes difficult to maintain distance from other people and this hand sanitization practice protects them from germs intake.

Moreover, the prayer beads have also been distributed all over Makkah to provide more safety to the pilgrims.

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